Pure Nickel Wire Mesh

● Place of Origin: China, Anping
● Brand: TianHao
● Certification: ISO9001
● MOQ: 1 PCS/Sqm
● Packaging Details: folded and packed in wooden pallet
● Delivery Time: stocked items: within 3 works days;
● Customized items: 7-20 days
● Payment terms: T/T, PAYPAL, Western Union, Trade Assurance
● Supply Ability: 10000 units/sqm per week

Pure Nickel Wire Mesh

The nickel is a sliver color metal. According to the purity, the nickel has different material types, such as the N2, N4, N6 and N8. Pure Nickel wire mesh is manufactured from nickel wire with high purity not less than 99%.

Nickel woven wire mesh features excellent corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and ductility, heat resistance, wear resistance.

Fuel cells are electrochemical devices for directly converting the chemical energy of a fuel into electricity. We have developed special metal mesh for numerous battery variants and accumulators as well as for the various types of fuel cells. Possible applications include: Mechanical support of electrodes or membranes, use as current collectors and drainage as well as retention structures.

Recently years, the Hydrogen Fuel Cells for the new new source of power that has struck the Automotive Industries, a Hydrogen Fuel Cell is an electrochemical cell that converts the chemical energy of a fuel i.e., Hydrogen and an Oxidizing agent i.e., Oxygen into Electricity & Water through a pair of redox reaction.
We can supply of the special metal wire mesh, nickel wire mesh for the Hydrogen Fuel Cells use.
Also we can supply of the mesh with the surface coating, something like Raney nickel catalyst.

Over other Grades of Wire Meshes, Nickel Wire Mesh has better Electron Conduction Property and In addition they have Good Electrical, Thermal & Magneto Strictive Property making it a unique option for Hydrogen Fuel Cell. Our Nickel Wire Mesh for Hydrogen Fuel Cell have always been a popular solution for the Automotive Industry.